26 Frugal Habits to Incorporate into this Year!

2020 was a year which took us all by surprise.

Like many people, I have been integrating a more frugal way of living into my family’s everyday life. Last year there was so much change not only to the way I think about money but also how I treat every penny. I created a list of my favourite frugal habits which you may like to incorporate into 2021.

Frugal Tips

Use your skills to create a second income

Have an emergency fund – If we learnt anything from 2020 its to have a cushion!

Set up automatic payments – no late fees will improve your credit rating

Thrift shop where you can, rather than buying new

Reuse wherever possible!

Go on free days out – Walks in the park, visit museums and go for picnics.


Walk or bike rather than drive.

Become a minimalist – reduce unneeded items to save money and live a less cluttered life!

Invest your money.

Utilize your library – they even do magazines and audio books!

Make your own cleaning products.

Hang your clothes to dry them rather than use the tumble dryer.

Live below your means – had a pay rise? Save the extra money just because you earn more, doesn’t mean you should spend more!

Use comparison sites to make sure you get the best prices.


Make meals from scratch!

Use up your products before buying new!

Budget! Create a monthly budget and a yearly forecast and stick to it.

Quit your bad habits! I don’t want to be one of ‘those people’ but drinking and smoking is terribly expensive! Think about cutting down or stopping all together so save an absolute fortune.

Cancel all unused subscription services.

Buy your vehicle second hand and with cash – you’re likely to get a discount and save on the loan payments.

Meal plan!!!

Don’t order take out!


Always look to buy used or preowned rather than brand new!

Make your own lunches!

Set financial goals and congratulate yourself when you hit them!

Do you have any frugal living tips which aren’t on this list? Share them in the comments below.



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