How I organise my week! Tips for having the best week ever

Do Monday mornings leave you feeling frantic and unorganised?

I used to despise mornings I hated the idea of waking up at 5 am to take the dog out for a walk, rushing home to get ready for work and then rushing my breakfast run out the front door for my 7 am train.

One of the most underrated things in the world is a Sunday power hour. These five activities will help you begin Monday fresh and won’t take you longer than an hour or two!

Meal plan and prep meals ahead of time – There is nothing better after a long day than having a beautifully cooked dinner. Who wants to come home and spend 20 minutes prepping food when you can chop, marinate and premake your meals on a Sunday?


On a Sunday spend a few minutes planning the nights you will be home and cooking and where possible prep the items so that on the day all you need to do is pop them in the oven and wait for your meal to cook.

Organise your week – Having a plan for your time is the best way to begin the week right. If you’re someone like me you want to have everything noted in your planner for at least the week ahead, this way each day all you need to do is review your planner and see what is lined-up for that day.

I also think writing a weekly goals list can be helpful if you are working towards some goals. You will then be able to review your previous week’s target’s, carry over any you were not able to complete. I find adding a to-do list can help with reaching your weekly objectives too.


Plan your outfits – Now you have your week planned out you will be able to have your clothing ready for the weekend too. Imagine saving 30 minutes in the morning as you are not running around looking for your favourite jeans or a well put together an outfit – all that extra time to sleep!

I have a section of my clothing rail dedicated to my week outfits. Sunday evening, once all my clothing has been steemed and put away, I will look at my planner and put outfits together for the upcoming week. If I am attending the gym, working and then out for a meal, I will plan three outfits according to the day ahead, including shoes.

Reset your house – Spend 30 to 45 minutes going around your house putting items into their homes, wipe down your countertops, empty your bin’s and vacuum. Having a clean space will help you feel better about your home and will mean a 15 minute tidy every evening will keep your space clean all week long.


Pamper yourself – After all that hard work of planning, it is time to take some time for yourself to reset before the new week.

Since I have started living a more frugal life this pamper time will be when I re-do my gel nails, dye my brows and lashes or self-tan. Use your time to do the things which make you feel happy; pour yourself a glass of wine and relax in a bubble bath with a good book!

I hope these steps give you more control over the week ahead! Let me know in the comments below how you prepare for the week ahead.



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