Creating a Vision Board

Its the start of a new year, which means New Year’s resolutions.

For me, this means creating a vision board as a daily reminder of all the things I am planning, so I thought I would walk you through how to create a vision board whilst also giving you some ideas.

What is a vision board?

In simple terms, a vision board is a board full of visual representation of your goals. This is an image-based collection with some keywords which are used as a constant reminder of what you are working towards daily.


Why have a vision board?

Having your goals in a visual format is supposed to psychologically increase motivation. I find the emotional reactions caused by seeing what my goals could look like if achieved exciting!

Ready to create your vision board?

Write down your goals – Now you are ready to create your vision board take a moment to decide if this board will hold your long term or short term goals. I find it best to break vision boards into yearly chunks this way it feels achievable and also as the end of the year it is nice to tick off your accomplishments.

Find your inspiration – Use magazines, Pinterest or google images to find a visual representation of your goals. Try and be specific with the images, if your goal is to travel choose images which represent where you want to go; for example, if you want to travel to Paris insert the Eiffel Tower. This way you can manifest your goals precisely.


Decide where you are planning on displaying your board – This will need to be somewhere you frequently see such as your screensaver or hung on a bedroom wall. Once you have decided on the location of your vision board you will then have to decide on the display. Will the images be digital or as printed? 

Organise your Images – You have your location, and how they will be displayed, now the fun part organising the images! There is no specific way in which your images should be organised the aim is just to make your board as eye-catching as possible.

Now is the most important part, you have created this masterpiece to keep you focused on your goals use it!

What are your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments below.




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