Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

With Christmas just around the corner I know we are all searching for deals to make the financial burden of the festive season a little lighter. This is why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important dates in the purchasing season, however it is easy to go shopping mad and lose track of what are actually deals.

I normally love going in store and shopping for the perfect deals to make the most out of the day, but this year will be a little different as currently the UK is in lockdown and in-store shopping is out the window.

Instead I have have created a list of my top tips for shopping in the comfort of your own home, whilst also making the most out of the online opportunities.


Have a Plan

The best way to prevent buying unplanned items and buyers regret is to have a list. Write down what you are looking for, have a budget and stick to it. Set a hard limit on the amount of money you are prepared to spend especially when buying gifts.

Some discounts start early

A number of retailers now capitalise on the sales and so will start them a few days early, I would suggest checking online and subscribing to any retailers you really want to get items from as they will often notify you with their start dates.

Don’t just shop for Christmas

Though Christmas is most likely your main shopping requirement its always good to think about birthdays for the first few months of the year and children’s presents. With lots of young children in the family its always good for me to think ahead and save a few presents for birthdays and special occasions.


Shop as a Team

If you have a partner you can online shop with to help you grab the best deals get them involved! Shopping alone can make it hard to secure all the popular items within one day. I have found working as part of a team can help with this issue whether it be online or in-store.

Me and my mum often work as a team, we usually sit at the table together, each with our own computer on a different retailer website and put everything into one cart. This way, we can secure what we both want earlier at a wider range of stores! This year will be slightly different as we will need to FaceTime because we are currently isolating in separate houses.

Make the most out of your shopping cart

Where you can, put the items you are hoping to purchase in your shopping cart early. I tend to do this on the stores where I already have a profile, that way I will either be able to purchase the items first thing in the morning or visit my recently visited items.

These are my favourite tips on how to save the most money on Black Friday, are you ready to get shopping?! While spend the holidays with my family is the most important thing to me, the Black Friday shopping and gift shopping also has me super pumped!

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18 thoughts on “Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

  1. I’ve only ever shopped for black Friday once, I usually don’t find too many deals I want and the deals I do like last the week so I can grab them over the weekend. When I worked at Target I noticed the price of several of the “black Friday deal” items went up in price the month prior to black Friday, then once black Friday hit it would either lower back down to the similar price it was before or just lower. That also helped turn me away from some black Friday deals.

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  2. Your post is just on time! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the tips! The most I like the idea of buying gifts not only for Christmas but also for upcoming birthdays and other events!


  3. Not going to lie, the idea of shopping on Black Friday or even Cyber Monday just kind of stresses me out. But these tips on how to make the most of shopping especially on Black Friday may help me find the best gift for my wife and family! Thank you!


  4. These are the great points that it could help a lot for shoppers on black Friday Discounts and coupons are ready for placing order. Love these tips!


  5. I never shop on black friday. My shopping is always done before then. Last year we were bored at home and decided to go walk around a store and buy a pack of playing cards so we could go home and play canasta. That was a mistake we had to wait in line for 45 minutes. Never again. LOL


  6. This is really helpful. I think any tips I can get for making the Christmas a bit more financially manageable will be super welcome. I love the idea of planning and having a partner to help ๐Ÿ’š


  7. Those are really nice tips. I think people should shop while having January in mind as scholls are opening and children need their school shopping too.


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